overhead shot of a plate of air fryer empanadas.

Air Fryer Empanadas

Air Fryer Beef Empanadas take a flaky pastry crust and fill it with deliciously seasoned ground beef. These little Mexican-style meat pies are a great alternative to tacos or burritos.  … Read more

low angle shot of a stack of arepas con queso.

Arepas con Queso

Arepas con Queso are a delicious cornmeal-and-cheese concoction that is quickly going to become your new favorite snack. They’re like a combination of the best, moistest, slightly sweet cornbread-slash-homemade-corn-tortilla filled … Read more

Low angle shot of air fryer fried ice cream with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Air Fryer Fried Ice Cream

Air Fryer Fried Ice Cream—wut? Yes, and it is so good. You have to try it! It has the same delectable crunchy-creamy, over-the-top deliciousness of your favorite deep fried ice … Read more

Low angle shot of air fryer artichokes on a plate.

Air Fryer Artichokes

Air Fryer Artichokes are a quick and delicious vegetable side dish. Much faster than steaming or boiling, air frying artichokes takes less than 10 minutes. They’re even better when you … Read more

Low angle shot of a plate with 2 cooked salmon fillets. There is an air fryer in the background.

Air Fryer Salmon

Air Fryer Salmon is one of my top quick weeknight recipes. The air fryer cooks the fish perfectly—leaving it flavorful, flaky, and moist.  Salmon with steamed rice and broccoli was … Read more

Overhead shot of air fryer banana dessert on a white plate.

Air Fryer Caramelized Bananas

This Air Fryer Banana dessert is so easy to make, and you won’t believe it! And the best thing is that everyone loves it. These air fryer caramelized bananas can … Read more

overhead shot of the breakfast pastries on a plate.

Air Fryer Breakfast Egg Tarts

Air Fryer Breakfast Tarts are a new favorite breakfast in my house. Delicious savory puff pastry squares with eggs, bacon, and cheese on top make a quick, easy, and irresistible … Read more

low angle shot of 3 filled chicken tikka wraps.

Air Fryer Chicken Tikka Wrap

This Air Fryer Chicken Tikka Wrap is a delicious change up to boring sandwiches. Chicken tikka kebabs are infused with a flavorful marinade and then quickly cooked in the air … Read more

low angle, closeup shot of barbecue chicken wings piled on a white platter

Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Wings

Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Wings taste like they’re fresh off the grill. They’re spicy, sweet, a little smoky, and absolutely delicious. These air fryer wings are easy to make in … Read more