low angle shot of a slice of e

Eggnog Bundt Cake

Eggnog Bundt Cake is rich and moist and full of the scrumptious flavor of eggnog. It’s a fun, festive dessert for the holiday season!  Eggnog—that boozy-custard-in-a-glass beverage that only comes … Read more

low angle shot of a stack of gluten free chocolate cookies

Flourless Chocolate Cookies

These flourless chocolate cookies are crispy on the outside, gooey and chewy on the inside, and have a very rich chocolate flavor all the way through. You only need 5 … Read more

overhead shot of an orange chocolate babka wreath with a wedge taken out and turned on its side so that you can see the swirls of chocolate inside.

Chocolate Babka Wreath with Orange

Chocolate Babka is the stuff dreams are made of. Rich, buttery brioche dough with swirling ribbons of orange-scented chocolate running through it make this recipe the dreamiest of them all. … Read more

low angle shot of a broken ginger snap cookie with crumbs on a wooden table

Ginger Snap Cookies

Ginger Snap Cookies are one of my favorite cookies. They’re a favorite holiday cookie, but are great any time of year. They’re quick and easy to make and packed with … Read more

Low angle shot of the cake on a wooden cake stand with one slice being pulled out with a cake server.

Apple Cider Donut Cake

Apple Cider Donut Cake tastes exactly like the irresistible apple cider donuts from the farmstands that dot the country roads of Connecticut in the fall. This cake has all the … Read more

low angle shot of chocolate and pecan filled rugelach cookies

Chocolate Rugelach with Pecans

Chocolate Rugelach might be my favorite of all the Jewish cookies. Layers of flaky pastry filled with rich dark chocolate and crunchy toasted pecans are just irresistible. Chocolate Rugelach are … Read more

Overhead shot of lemon coconut macaroons

Lemon Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons are a guilty pleasure for me because I am a serious coconut lover. These Lemon Coconut Macaroons totally hit the spot because they are chewy, sweet, and full … Read more

Borekas with Savory Beef Filling

Borekas are delicious pastry packets with assorted fillings. They’re like little packets of heaven. These borekas contain a savory mix of ground beef, onions, and pine nuts. These flaky pastries … Read more

Overhead shot of a clam pizza cut into wedges.

White Clam Pizza Pepe’s Style

Pepe’s White Clam Pizza has been called the best thing to eat in Connecticut. I can’t argue with that statement. The thin crust is topped with a garlicky mix of … Read more