Chopped liver on toast

Chopped Liver As Good As Bubbe’s

“What am I, chopped liver?” Such an odd colloquialism. The implication, at first glance, being that it is forgettable, not worthy of notice, insignificant. But when it is good, it … Read more

Sufganiyot or Israeli jelly donuts for hannukah dusted with powdered sugar. This is a low-angle shot that shows 3 donuts stacked on a white plate iwth one donot leaning against the stack that has a bite taken out of it so that you can see the jelly filling.

Israeli Jelly Donuts or Sufganiyot

Sufganiyot are traditional Israeli jelly donuts. Pillowy, filled with jelly (or other fillings), and dusted with powdered sugar, they are a real treat. They are commonly eaten during Hanukkah, but … Read more

Matzoh toffee with hazelnuts

Matzoh Toffee for Passover

If you’re Jewish, or even if you’re not but you’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a Passover Seder, you’ve probably already fallen in love with matzoh toffee. This … Read more