sriracha ranch dressing in a mason jar with a spoon on a wood table

Sriracha Ranch Dressing

Sriracha Ranch Dressing is all the things people love about ranch dressing—creamy, fresh, herby—but with the added kick of spice from sriracha sauce that takes it over the top. It’s … Read more

Cilantro yogurt chutney in a bowl with a spoonful being lifted out

Cilantro Yogurt Chutney

Cilantro Yogurt Chutney is high on my list of favorite condiments. This recipe first appeared in my book The Lazy Gourmet. It tops Bombay Sandwiches and serves as a flavorful … Read more

how to make chili oil with dried chilies, oil, garlic, and star anise

How to Make Chili Oil

If you love spicy Chinese food, you’ve probably wondered how to make chili oil—that fiery condiment that’s ubiquitous in Sichuan restaurants. This spicy hot oil is drizzled over dishes at the table and also used as an ingredient in many dishes.

how to make chili oil with dried chilies, oil, garlic, and star anise

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Herb Mayonnaise and More at SF Cooking School

Tomato Sandwich with Herb Mayonnaise
Homemade herb mayonnaise, toasted sourdough bread, and sliced heirloom tomatoes make the perfect lunch

People assume that since I’m a freelance food writer, I must eat amazing meals—like the heirloom tomato sandwich with homemade herb mayonnaise pictured above—all the time. The truth is a bit more dismal. Lunch usually involves snacking on random leftovers (if I’m lucky) while hunched over my computer at my dining room table (which doubles as my office). Plus, I don’t even have any coworkers to discuss the latest Duggar scandal with. So when someone invites me to lunch at a cooking school, I say yes. Twice this summer I’ve been to events that involved eating delicious food (including the aforementioned herb mayonnaise, see recipe below) and engaging in fascinating conversation (about food mostly, not the Duggars) at the San Francisco Cooking School.

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Smoked trout spread on crackers on a cutting board

Super Lemony Smoked Trout Spread

Smoked trout spread on crackers on a cutting board

Have you noticed, attentive readers, how much I love smoked fish? (Permit me to introduce into evidence Exhibit A and Exhibit B.) This is because smoked fish has a very delicious flavor! For lack of a more articulate explanation!

A few weeks ago, a multi-block power failure compromised the menu of the blowout cocktail party my mother was about to start cooking for.

Mom’s next-door neighbor, Marsha, came to the rescue by contributing this delicacy, which requires no electricity to prepare.

I am in no way using hyperbole when I say that I could eat this smoked trout spread every minute of every day forever.

It makes me wish I were a circus seal in training at a really nice circus where they reward obedient seals with this spread, on baguette slices, with a glass of wine.

And a crisp green salad. And the seals live in luxury hotel rooms with an ocean view, spotless bathrooms, and cable TV. That would be cool.

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Homemade hot sauce in bottles

Easy Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

With this homemade hot sauce recipe, making your own is way easier than you think. And the result is totally worth it. I recently moved to a new house. Though … Read more