Ramen for Beginners

Ramen for Beginners cookbook cover

​Easy Ramen Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home

You can create mouthwatering bowls of ramen right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Ramen for Beginners is the perfect starting point for cooks of all levels who want to bring the flavors of ramen home.

Ramen for Beginners tells you everything you need to know to create delicious bowls of ramen at home—whether you want to use store-bought ingredients and fancy them up with homemade touches or make every element from scratch. You’ll learn:

• How to choose your noodles

• How to make broth or what to look for in store-bought alternatives

• How to create a seasoning mixture to add complex flavor to your ramen

• How to make toppings ranging from simple soft-boiled ramen eggs to fried chicken, roasted vegetables, infused oils, and more!

The book includes 75 easy-to-make recipes that range from the classic Shio Ramen with Crispy Pork Belly, Scallions, Marinated Bamboo Shoots, and Nori to the unique and modern Cheesy Shoyu Ramen.


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